Points Standings

The Rules:
The point system will be as follows:

5k & under 1 point per mile
3.2 miles to 10 miles 1.5 points per mile
10.1 miles to 26.2 miles 2 points per mile
26.3 miles to 50 miles 2.5 points per mile
50.1 & over 3 points per mile

You will need to be registered by January 31
 (So I don’t have to key in long list of races for the procrastinators during the month of December)

An “official” race is one that:
1 – Issues race numbers or bibs and records official times for each runner. 
2 – You have to complete the race distance that you signed up for or the points do not count. 
Fat Ass events can also  be counted but you will have to finish the advertised distance of the Fat Ass event. 
3 – GPS readings do not count. 
4 – Treadmill miles will not be counted. 
5 – Virtual races will not be counted.
6 – You have to run on the day of the said race.
7 – Running a race as a bandit does not count either, you have to be officially registered for the race.
8 – Runners cannot make up their own double version of any race.  Example: Running an official race followed by a second running on your own will not be counted.

The series begins January 1st and ends December 31 at 10:00PM. 
 No points can be carried over to the next year.  Each runner is responsible for submitting his or her race results. 
We do not scan the Internet looking for your results. 
The series is over on December 31st at 10:00 PM each year. 
If you forget to send in your races before the end of the year, too bad. 
You should be more prompt.
You may submit your races to Mark via runrbike at carolina dot rr dot com
 You will need to send the race name and the distance.  Contest is open to MTC members only. 
To become a member you must run/walk
  the 15 mile “Shirt Run” from Mangum to Ellerbe.

The original four MTC races will award double points and in addition, there will be an extra 500 points for anyone completing the original 4 MTC events.
All 4 of the original MTC events have to be run on the set date of the event for the 500 bonus points to count.
 Running any of those events before or after their sets dates do not count towards the 500 bonus points. 

Ellerbe Marathon (104.8 Points)
Moonlight Boogie 50 Miler (250 Points)
Seaboard Festival 5k (6.2 Points)
The Derby 50k (155 Points)

The winner will receive free entry to the four original MTC races the next year.